Poeta de guàrdia

Maria Cabrera - Andreu Gomila - Josep Pedrals - Martí Sales
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Verses by phone by appointment: this is the curative aim of a project that makes a distant theatre mechanism an act of shared intimacy

For some time now, the British public health system has been prescribing culture. And surely there is nothing more therapeutic and intimate than a voice in our ear. The  healing capacity of art combined with the intimacy of a nearby voice is the basis of Poeta de guàrdia, a project created in full lockdown in Paris by the Théâtre de la Ville and adapted to our emotional and poetic needs by a quartet of Catalan poets: Maria Cabrera, Andreu GomilaJosep Pedrals and Martí Sales. How does it work? Ask for an appointment and you’ll have ten minutes to listen to a poem recited by an actor or actress and then have a brief conversation about the verses you’ve heard. By appointment only. 


Duration: 10min

Show in Catalan or Spanish

Artistic team

Poets: Maria Cabrera, Andreu Gomila, Josep Pedrals and Martí Sales
Performers: Sílvia Bel, Joan Carreras, Berta Giraut, Aina Huguet, Jordi Oriol and Pau Roca

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