Irene Escolar: Leyendo Lorca

Federico García Lorca
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  • 2020
  • At distance 2020

Irene Escolar’s talent at the service of Lorca’s poetry through the pure simplicity and emotion of the word

With a plot inspired by love and women, Irene Escolar, one of the most successful actresses of recent years, seeks to pay homage to Federico García Lorca through simplicity. A poetic recital to commemorate the 80th anniversary of his murder. The actress explains: “In a moment of so much restlessness, I have felt the need to return to the emotion of the word in its purest state, without artifice, to let myself be carried away by Lorca’s spirit to understand the mystery that surrounds us.” As presented a few months ago at the Teatro de La Abadía, this recital is a live performance via Zoom for a limited audience. 

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • By: Federico García Lorca 
  • Performer: Irene Escolar 
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Show in Spanish

Zoom space
8 October, 20:00
Price: 8€

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