Jordi Oriol: La caiguda de l’H

Jordi Oriol (based on William Shakespeare)
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  • 2020
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Jordi Oriol’s loutish and irreverent version of the doubts of the tormented Prince of Denmark created by Shakespeare

Jordi Oriol has been playing with Hamlet, William Shakespeare’s tormented prince, for a decade. A game that began in Temporada Alta with Xavier Albertí, then turned into a recital with musicians and now continues as a live monologue via Zoom, for a limited audience only. A highly irreverent version – maintaining the poetic effect of the words – as is usual in this actor’s work in a creative universe that is both loutish and ground-breaking. A piece that questions the triteness of doubt to challenge the reverence towards his famous soliloquies and above all the notion itself of the classic.

Artistic team

Artistic team

By: Jordi Oriol (based on Hamlet by William Shakespeare)
Performer: Jordi Oriol 

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Duration: 45 min

Show in Catalan

Zoom space
21 October, 20:00
Price: 8€

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