Alma y palabra: San Juan de la Cruz

Lluís Homar - Adriana Ozores - Emili Brugalla
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The universal mysticism of San Juan de la Cruz transformed into an intimate performance of words that touch the soul

Watched over by Velázquez’s Christ and caressed by the music of Mompou, Lluís Homar and Adriana Ozores recite the words of San Juan de la Cruz, mystic, poet and free man, with great emotion. He was highly critical of power, greed and the desire for abundance that governs the system, an even more valid message in the 21st century. Homar, now artistic director of the Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico, has chosen his poems and thinking to start the Alma y palabra cycle, to bring Spain’s classical literary heritage to the world in collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes . 

Duration: 1 h

Premiere in Catalonia

Show in Spanish

Artistic team

  • From San Juan de la Cruz
  • Direction: Lluís Homar
  • Dramaturgy: José Carlos Plaza
  • Performers: Adriana Ozores and Lluís Homar 
  • Scenic space: José Helguera 
  • Costume: Gabriela Salaverri 
  • Lighting: Dani Checa 
  • Music: Frederic Mompou (selección de Música callada)
  • Pianist: Emili Brugalla
  • Speech Master: Vicente Fuentes
  • Production: Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico (CNTC)
  • With the collaboration of: Instituto Cervantes

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Parallel activities


Sunday 18 of October  at 19.05 h

Teatre Municipal de Girona (Saló de descans)

With the company

Dynamizes: Ramon Oliver (Recomana)


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18 de October, 18:00
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