Encara hi ha algú al bosc

Joan Arqué - Anna Maria Ricart
  • 2020

A committed play giving a voice to the women who suffered the violence of the Balkan War and to the sons and daughters born of the rapes they endured

Encara hi ha algú al bosc is just one part of a great project (play, documentary and photographic installation) by the Cultura i Conflicte team. A meticulous piece of research and stage creation based on various trips to Bosnia and Herzegovina. To give a voice to the women victims of this conflict and to the sons and daughters born of the rapes they endured. The project also explores the dual reality of 1992. While the horror was happening in Europe itself, Barcelona was holding the Olympic Games.  

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Dramaturgy: Anna Maria Ricart 
  • Direction: Joan Arqué  
  • Performers: Ariadna Gil, Montse Esteve, Òscar Muñoz, Magda Puig, Judit Farrés, Pep Pascual and Erol Ileri  
  • Scenic space: Xesca Salvà 
  • Costume: Rosa Lugo 
  • Lighting: Sylvia Kuchinow 
  • Music: Pep Pascual and Judit Farrés 
  • A production of: Cultura i Conflicte and Teatre de l’Aurora
  • With the collaboration of: Teatre Nacional de Catalunya
  • With the coproduction of: Temporada Alta 2020    
  • With the support of: Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals, The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Ajuntament d’Igualada, Ajuntament de Tiana and Velvet Events
  • www.culturaiconflicte.org 
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Parallel activities

Round table


Sala Truffaut (Cinemes Albèniz Plaça)

Photographs by Oriol Casanovas and a research work by the collective Cultura i Conflicte

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Encara hi ha algú al bosc: Photographic installation


Sala Truffaut (Cinemes Albèniz Plaça)

Amb Teresa Turiera-Puigbò, directora del documental


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Post-Documentary Colloquium

NEW DATE: November 25th at 9 pm 

Sala Truffaut (Cinemes Albèniz Plaça)

With Teresa Turiera-Puigbò, director of the documentary


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Duration: 1 h 40 min


2022 Critics Awards Winner for the best adapted script (Anna M. Ricart)

27 November, 19:30
WARNING: due to COVID regulations, this show has been rescheduled. The new time is at 7.30 pm.
Price: 28€ / 18€


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