Anna Alarcón: Psicosis de las 4.48

Sarah Kane
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  • 2020
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Anna Alarcón performs one of the most captivatingly honest and fundamental monologues in 20th century theatre

Anna Alarcón revives her captivating performance of the last piece written by British playwright Sarah Kane. A painfully autobiographical monologue, which we applauded in the 2018 festival, exploring the darkest regions of the mindA moment of brutal lucidity of a mind ravaged by psychotropics and clinical depression. Kane committed suicide after writing 4.48 Psychosis. This monologue will be transmitted live via Zoom to a limited audienceA unique experience of a memorable performance and a play that forms part of the canon of 20th century dramatic literature. 

Artistic team

Artistic team

By: Sarah Kane
Translation: Anna Soler Horta
Performer: Anna Alarcón 

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Show in Spanish

Zoom space
10 November, 20:00New functions:24 November, 20:00
Price: 8€

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