Ivan Benet: Informe per a una Acadèmia

Franz Kafka
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  • 2020
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Ivan Benet won many awards with this monologue based on Franz Kafka’s well-known story

Franz Kafka created Red Peter in 1917  to parody everything that make us human. It features a humanised ape who tells the members of an academy about his path to socialisation. This story has become part of theatre repertoire as one of the most coveted monologues. In 2014 Ivan Benet won the critics’ Choice Awards for Best Actor. This highly personal project was seen at the festival in 2013 now returns in digital format with live performance by Benet via Zoom for a limited audience.

Duration: 45 min

Show in Catalan

Artistic team

By: Franz Kafka
Translation: Ivan Benet
Performer: Ivan Benet

Zoom space
4 November, 20:00New functions:29 November, 20:00
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