A este lado del mundo

David Trueba
  • 2020

David Trueba portrays the reality of immigration in his new film

David Trueba’s new film exemplifies the commitment of this director, screenwriter and writer to the world around him and its social conflicts. Alberto, a young engineer, is fired from his company just when he thinks his life is settled. He wants to buy a house with his partner and have a child. When his old boss asks him to work outside the company, he can’t refuse. The job involves travelling to the city of Melilla. There he meets Nagore, who will guide him through a place he knew nothing about, revealing the complexity of one of the great issues shaking up the world: immigration.

Artistic team

Artistic team

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Duration: 1 h 36 min 

Premiere in Catalonia

Film in Spanish

Session presented by Guillem Terribas (Col·lectiu de Crítics de Cinema de Girona) and with the presence of the director David Trueba and the actors Vito Sanz and Anna Alarcón.

The Temporada Alta cinema program is made in coordination and collaboration with the Col-lectiu de Crítics de Cinema de Girona / Cinema Truffaut.

15 October, 20:00
Price: 7€

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