Una nit amb el Mag Lari

Mag Lari
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The most famous magician in Catalonia returns to the festival to delight young and old

There are magical nights and then there are nights that are simply magic: like the one that awaits you with Mag Lari! With more than 25 years on stage and a lifetime dedicated to the art of surprise, Lari brings us a night full of illusions, games, lights, smoke and lots of comedy. Because he is not only a magician who pulls cards from his sleeve but also fascinates us with mysteries and tricks that will take your breath away. In just an hour and twenty minutes he will make you disappear, laugh and even dance. Ready to be part of the show? 

Duration: 1 h 20 min

Show for all audiences

Artistic team

  • Script and direction: Josep Maria Lari 
  • Performers: Mag Lari and Lluc Perelló 
  • Lighting: Oriol Rufach 
  • Scenic space: Efímer 



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11 de October, 18:00Noves funcions:11 de October, 20:30
Family Fortfet (70€ - 4 pax)
Price: 24€ / 16€
5.9% d'entrades disponibles


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