Andrés Lima - Carmen Machi - Nathalie Poza - Carolina Yuste
  • 2020

Documentary theatre about why people pay and charge for sex by Andrés Lima in one of the most talked about shows in Madrid

Andrés Lima (National Theatre Award 2019), co-writer and director of Prostitución says: “This show was born in the street and has moved to the stage.” It was born in those places where Lima and Albert Boronat sought the experiences of women engaged in prostitution. Documentary theatre that explores human trafficking, pimping and sexual slavery but also what motivates people to pay and charge for sex; and violence, pain, pleasure, and tenderness. Research started in 2017 and it was one of the most talked about shows in Madrid last season. A success shared with a trio of top actresses: Carmen Machi, Nathalie Poza and Carolina Yuste. 

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Authory: Albert Boronat and Andrés Lima
  • Direction: Andrés Lima
  • Dramaturgy: Albert Boronat and Andrés Lima (from texts by Amelia Tiganus, Juan Cavestany, Albert Boronat and Andrés Lima and the testimonies of Ana María, Isabela, Lucía, Alexa, Alicia, Lukas and la Sra. Rius)
  • Performers: Carme Machi, Nathalie Poza and Carolina Yuste
  • Scenic space and costume: Beatriz San Juan
  • Lighting: Valentín Álvarez
  • Sound space: Jaume Manresa
  • Live music: Laila Vallés (piano)
  • Production: Checkin Producciones, Teatro Español, Molinos de Papel, Escena Nacional d’Andorra, Mamá Floriana and Asuntos Culturales
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Duration: 2 h

Premiere in Catalonia

Show in Spanish

30 November, 19:301 December, 19:30
WARNING: Show rescheduled for 30th of November and 1st of December due to Covid-19 regulations
Price: 36€ / 25€ / 10€


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