Bàrbara Mestanza
  • 2020

Bàrbara Mestanza, an emerging creator with a very powerful political discourse, proposes role play to condemn sexual abuse

32 cases of sexual assault and abuse are reported in Spain every day. In the first quarter of 2020, almost 100 more complaints were recorded than in the same quarter of 2019 and, as a result of the lockdown, there have been more cases of domestic abuse than ever before. Sucia addresses abuse by focusing not only on the victim’s experience, but also on the way in which we handle these kinds of experiences as a society. When the victim explains her experience, the first reaction is usually clear: Why didn’t you do anything? Sucia wants to answer this question.

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Dramaturgy and direction: Bárbara Mestanza 
  • Assistant director: Jaume Viñas
  • Assistant to acting director and dramatic advisor: Laia Alberch
  • Performers: Nacho Aldeguer and Bárbara Mestanza
  • Social awareness counselling: Lidia Casanovas
  • Gender awareness counselling: Ana Plana
  • Production: Mayte Barrera and Rosel Murillo
  • A production by Bella Batalla with Teatro de la Abadía
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5 December, 19:30
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