McKellen. Tomando partido

Joe Stephenson
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A documentary about the commitment and dedication of Ian McKellen, one of the best actors of all time, to the LGBTI+ movement

Ian McKellen tells the story of his life and successful career from his own perspective and experiences, a story in which the social problems that have concerned the actor play a key role, especially his open defence of LGBTI+ rights. Ever since McKellen revealed his homosexuality at the age of 49, his commitment and struggle for the legal and social equality of homosexual people has been constant and revolutionary. A story that shows the most human face of the legendary Gandalf of The Lord of the Rings, Magneto of the X-Men saga and a prominent Shakespearean actor, about to star as Hamlet at the age of 81. 

Duration: 1 h 31 min

State: United Kingdom

Film in English with subtitles in Catalan

The Temporada Alta film program is made in coordination and collaboration with the Col·lectiu de Crítics de Cinema de Girona / Cinema Truffaut

Artistic team

  • Direction: Joe Stephenson 
  • Performers: Ian McKellen, Scott Chamberas, Penny Clapcott, Sean Mathias, Milo Parker and Morgan Watkins 
  • Photography: Eben Bolter 
  • Editing: Joe Stephenson and Harry Yendell 
  • Artistic direction: Amie English and Zoe Payne 
  • Makeup: Fiona Lobo-Cranston 
  • Sound: Rob Hughes 
  • Production: B Good Picture Company, Ugly Duckling Films and Surreal Films 
15 de December, 20:00
WARNING: Movie rescheduled for 15th of December due to Covid-19 regulations
Price: 7€
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