Ventura Pons
  • 2020

Ventura Pons brings together a unique quartet of great Catalan actresses in this excellent adaptation of a play by Josep Benet i Jornet

An international diva, a TV star and a dubbing director. These are the three women that a young drama student will talk to in order to prepare for and do justice to a very important role: a former renowned actress who was their teacher. As we explore the pasts and lives of these three women, the young aspiring actress discovers their memories, and the greatness and misery of the theatre world. Ventura Pons’ memorable adaptation of E. R. by Josep Maria Benet i Jornet. A film that is also unique as it brings together three great leading actresses: Núria Espert, Rosa M. Sardà and Anna Lizaran, accompanied by a young Mercè Pons. 

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Direction: Ventura Pons 
  • Script: Josep Maria Benet i Jornet and Ventura Pons 
  • Lead performers: Núria Espert, Anna Lizaran, Mercè Pons and Rosa Maria Sardà 
  • Executive production: Xavier Basté 
  • Original music: Carles Cases 
  • Photography: Tomàs Pladevall 
  • Editing: Pere Abadal 
  • Production management: Xavier Basté 
  • Artistic direction: Rosa Ros 
  • Costume: Rosa Ros 
  • Hair and makeup: Saturnino Merino and Montse Boqueras 
  • Production: Els Films de la Rambla 
Veure més
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Duration: 1 h 28 min

Session presented by Guillem Terribas and with the presence of Carlota Benet and Mercè Pons. The screening of this film is a tribute to the author Josep Maria Benet i Jornet and the actress Rosa Maria Sardà, who has recently left us.

The Temporada Alta film programme is made in collaboration and coordination with the Col·lectiu de Crítics de Cinema de Girona / Cinema Truffaut

13 October, 20:00
Price: 7€

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