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El Pot Petit
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  • 2020
  • At distance 2020

A show from El Pot Petit for kids to accompany the shy Lion on his fun adventures

The company that has transformed Catalan language childrens shows brings us puppets and live music in a small intimate performance. What more can you ask? So lets enjoy the companionship of a lion, a tiger, a horse, a rooster and lots of other animals! The shy little Lion will meet lots of friends on a hectic journey and experience basic emotions for the first time: fear, joy, sadness, anger… feelings that he will learn to recognise, accept and share. Are you brave enough to experience them with him? A show that the youngest at home will remember forever. 

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Authory: Ruth Garcia Ruz and Helena Bagué Vilà 
  • Direction: Ruth Garcia Ruz and El Pot Petit 
  • Performers: Mercè Munné Parera and Ovidi Llorente Saguer (puppeteers and singers)
  • Music direction: Dani López Pradas
  • Scenic space and puppets: Martí Doy
  • Costume: CarmePuigdevalliPlantéS
  • Production: El Pot Petit 
  • www.potpetit.com 
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Duration: 50 min (aprox.)


Recommended age:

From 2 to 5 years old

Temporada Alta family programme is supported by:   

At distance
From November 6th to December 22th
Price: 3€
WARNING: due to COVID regulations, this show is only available at distance
Price: 12€ / 8€


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