La lluna en un pot (un espectacle incomprès)

La petita malumaluga
  • 2020

A song to optimism to touch the moon with your fingers

A song to optimism to touch the moon with your fingers

  • Emotions
  • Emotions
  • Live music
  • Live Music
  • Theatre for babies

Who wouldn’t love to touch the moon? Having it so close, at your fingertips, that you would no longer have to travel far. You may not need to board a rocket and fly into outer space. Maybe you just have to give flight to your imagination with the help of La Petita Malumaluga, the company famed for its ability to interact with younger audiences without sacrificing a complex artistic imaginary. This ambition is now a show that mixes live music, dance, theatre and technology, all to create a poetic space for happiness. A song to optimism for all ages, including babies and young kids. 

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Original idea: Albert Vilà and Eva Vilamitjana 
  • Direction: Albert Vilà and Eva Vilamitjana
  • Script: Albert Vilà, with the collaboration of Jordi Falguera 
  • Performers: Ariadna Saltó (dance), Marc Trias (percussions) and Emelyne Lobel (harp) 
  • Scenic space: Albert Vilà, with the collaboration of Marc Salicrú 
  • Costume: Marc Udina
  • Lighting: Carles Borràs
  • Musical Composition: Jordi Bello
  • Choreography: Eva Vilamitjana, with the collaboration of the performers 
  • Production: La Petita Malumaluga 
  • With the support of: L’Estruch Sabadell, Teatre Principal de Vilanova i la Geltrú, SaT! and FiraTàrrega 
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Duration: 35 min

From 0 to 3 years old

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WARNING: due to COVID regulations, this show has been cancelled
Price: 10€


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