Acróbata y Arlequín

La Maquiné
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La Maquiné takes us around Picasso's circus through theatre and music

Shall we travel to another era? Acróbata y Arlequín will take you into the world of the circus that Pablo Picasso captured in his colourful avant-garde paintings. Through the young Pablo and his desire to be part of the family of acrobats, this magical story will reflect on the importance of coexistence, solidarity and respect for animals. A multi-awarded winning show being premiered in Catalonia that combines singing and live music with puppets, amazing choreography and dream-like scenery and screenings.

Duration: 1 h

Premiere in Catalonia

From 4 years old

Show in Spanish, with little text

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Artistic team

  • Authory: Joaquín Casanova and Elisa Ramos
  • Direction: Joaquín Casanova
  • Performers: Daniel Tarrida (pianist), Noé Lifona (singer, narrator and actor), Alejandro Conesa, Laura Bermudez and Natalia Calle (multidisciplinary actors)
  • Scenic space and lighting: Joaquín Casanova
  • Costume: Javier Fernández and Vanessa Cañaveral
  • Music: Erik Satie and Francis Poulenc
  • Production: La Maquiné and Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales – Junta de Andalucía
  • With the collaboration of: Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura de Gijón
  • Show sponsored by:

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