Il Terzo Reich (The Third Reich)

Romeo Castellucci
  • 2022

Castellucci presents his relentless machine of words to denounce with this video installation the uncritical contemporary communication

While Gloria Dorliguzzo dances, a projector turns into a machine that fires out words at high speed. An installation by the master of restlessness Romeo Castellucci, who returns to Temporada Alta to condemn imposed communication. The information that without pause or discernment machine-guns our retinas.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Author: Romeo Castellucci

Direction: Romeo Castellucci

Choreography and performer: Gloria Dorliguzzo

Sound space: Scott Gibbons

Video maker: Luca Mattei, In collaboration with Giulia Colla

Informatical advice: Alessandro Colla

Production: Societas

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Premiere in Spain


18 November, 18:0018 November, 20:0018 November, 22:0019 November, 16:0019 November, 18:0019 November, 20:00
Duration; 50 min
Show in Spanish except on 18/11 at 18 h which is in English
Strobe lights are used during the show
Price: €12


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