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  • 2022

The war and its traumatic memory closes this trilogy of immersive installations that cabosanroque has dedicated to Catalan writers

The war and its traumatic memory closes this trilogy of immersive installations that cabosanroque has dedicated to Catalan writers

  • Guest artists
  • Video installation

Since 2016, the multifaceted cabosanroque have set about building a trilogy on Catalan writers. Now they conclude it with an immersive installation that, inspired by the work of Mercè Rodoreda, reflects on war and traumatic memory through the experience of women and children.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Conception, creation, dramaturgy and direction: cabosanroque

Original text: Mercè Rodoreda and Svetlana Aliéxievitx

Adaptation of the original text: cabosanroque

Traductions from Russian to Catalan: Miquel Cabal

Traductions from Catalan to Ukranian: Olena Velykodna

Original music: cabosanroque

Lighting: cabosanroque and Cube.bz

Video: cabosanroque and Frau Recerques visuals

Scenography construction: cabosanroque and Kike Blanco

Executive production and distribution: Helena Febrés Fraylich and Loïc Bastos

With the recorded participation of Rocío Molina, Mónica López and Núria Martínez Vernis and Ukranian refugees from the province of Girona

Photography: José Hevia

Co-production: cabosanroque, Teatro del Español en el Matadero 2023, Grec Festival 2023, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya 2023, Théâtre Garonne – Scène européenne 2024, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona 2024-2025 and Temporada Alta

With the support of Fundació Lluís Coromina and Generalitat de Catalunya


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10 November, 18:0010 November, 19:0010 November, 20:0011 November, 18:0011 November, 19:0012 November, 18:0012 November, 19:0013 November, 12:0013 November, 13:0013 November, 16:0013 November, 17:0016 November, 18:0016 November, 19:0016 November, 20:0017 November, 18:0017 November, 19:0017 November, 20:0018 November, 16:0018 November, 17:0018 November, 18:0018 November, 19:0018 November, 20:0019 November, 12:0019 November, 13:0019 November, 16:0019 November, 17:0019 November, 18:0019 November, 19:0020 November, 12:0020 November, 13:0020 November, 16:0020 November, 17:0020 November, 18:0020 November, 19:0020 November, 20:00
Duration: 40 min
Show in Catalan except on 11/18 at 16h., 17h and 18h, which is in Spanish, and on 11/19 at 12h, in English
Price: €10


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