Fuck me

Marina Otero
  • 2022

Argentinian choreographer Marina Otero presents this award-winning piece about the narcissistic gaze with five borrowed bodies

Fuck me is a narcissistic exercise in displacement between the artist and the performer, between man and woman. A piece lauded by the audience that explores issues such as gender roles and masculinity through the passage of time and the marks of a body

Artistic team

Artistic team

Dramaturgy and direction: Marina Otero

Choreography: Marina Otero

Performers: Augusto Chiappe, Matías Rebossio, Fred Raposo, Juan Francisco López Bubica, Miguel Valdivieso and Marina Otero

Scenic space and lighting: Adrián Grimozzi

Costumes: Uriel Cistaro

Music: Julián Rodríguez Rona

Visual artist: Lucio Bazzalo

Production: Mariano de Mendonça

Co-production: FIBA (Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires)


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Ibero-American connection

11 December, 18:00
Duration: 1 h
Show in Spanish
Price: €28


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