Eva contra Eva

Pau Miró - Sílvia Munt - Emma Vilarasau
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  • 2020
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Pau Miró freely rewrites the story of hate, envy, ambition and love for the theatre made into a classic by Joseph L. Mankiewicz

All About Eve, by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, is remembered for its highly cynical take on what goes on behind the scenes of theatre. Pau Miró has borrowed this universe to make a very free adaptation, exploring the relationship between life and theatre and portraying a profession that experiences its dedication to art with excessive transcendence, devotion and intensity. A mirror to reflect the virtues and weaknesses of the profession, of life and those who are so vulnerable that they only find refuge in vanities. A human story directed by Sílvia Munt –who has recently enjoyed many successes as a director and starring Emma Vilarasau and Nausicaa Bonnín.  

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Adaptation and dramaturgy: Pau Miró
  • Direction: Sílvia Munt
  • Performers: Emma Vilarasau, Nausicaa Bonnín, Eduard Farelo, Andreu Benito and Marissa Josa
  • Scenic space: Enric Planas
  • Costume: Míriam Compte
  • Lighting: David Bofarull
  • Sound space: Jordi Bonet
  • Piano: Jaume Vilaseca
  • Creation and video production: Daniel Lacasa
  • Characterization: Anna Rosillo
  • Production: Bitò and Teatre Romea
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Duration: 1 h 25 min

At distance
From November 6th to December 22th
Price: 3€
WARNING: due to COVID regulations, this show is only available at distance
Price: 36€ / 20€


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