Xavier Moreno
  • 2022

In Barcelona, a young girl hides and watches the street from the window. As the city is besieged by bombs and soldiers, he prepares to escape. In a small mountain town, a mysterious character will be waiting for him who will help him get to France. During this journey of a few days, you will walk through the border areas and meet some of their inhabitants. From above the invisible line that separates two countries, he will see the world he is leaving behind and descend into the unknown.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Direction: Xavier Moreno

Cast: Mar Serinyà GouPiròmana d’ArboçXevi BoschXavi RomeroDaniel CasanovasPatrick LluísElena SixtoImma PlaNúria BatlleEmília Verger and Papa Demba Cisse

Script, editing and photography: Xavier Moreno

Postproduction and color: Xavier Pérez / Fromzero

Direct sound: Sergi Gómez, Elisenda Triadó and Mariana Freijomil

Original music: Helena Vilar Bofill

Sound: Marc Abad

Soundtrack: Ian Denamur

Executive production: Elisenda Triadó

Production: Fromzero and Piupardu C.E.A.


Veure més
15 November, 20:00
Duration: 1 h 29 min
Film in Catalan
Price: €7

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