Canto jo i la muntanya balla

Guillem Albà i Joan Arqué - Clàudia Cedó
  • 2021

Guillem Albà and Joan Arqué bring the magic of Irene Solà's magnificent novel to the stage

Canto jo i la muntanya balla is Irene Solà’s literary success. The same success enjoyed by Guillem Albà and Joan Arqué in transferring her work from paper to stage. An evocative tale with dramaturgy by Clàudia Cedó and music by Judit Neddermann.

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Based on the novel by Irene Solà
  • Dramaturgy: Clàudia Cedó
  • Direction: Guillem Albà and Joan Arqué
  • Musical composition: Judit Neddermann
  • Performers: Laura Aubert, Diego Lorca, Anna Sahun, Ireneu Tranis, Caterina Tugores and Amaia Miranda (guitar)
  • Scenic space: Alfred Casas and Laura Clos (Closca)
  • Costume: Nídia Tusal
  • Lighting: Sylvia Kuchinow
  • Sound space: Joan Gorro
  • Characterisation: Àngels Salinas
  • Linguistic advice: Carla Ferrerós
  • Production: La Perla 29
  • With the support of
  • Clínica Cervera
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Duration: 2 h

Winner of 8 Butaca 2021 awards in the categories of best staging, theatre direction, supporting actress for Anna Sahun, set design, lighting design, costumes, sound space and musical composition.

6 December, 16:306 December, 20:30
Price: 36 € / 25 € / 10 €


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