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Temporada Alta in Iberoamèrica

For several years we have been taking Temporada Alta to different Latin American cities. As a result of this initiative we have become a point of connection between Europe and Latin America. We travel to Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Lima to open up new channels to showcase Catalan companies and publicise the country’s performing arts. Due to our interest in the internationalisation of the Catalan scene, we have exported the Festival to stages in Argentina, Peru and Uruguay. We have put on over a hundred performances and artists such as Sergi López, Iván Morales, Xavier Bobés, Lali Ayguadé, Pere Faura, Baro d’Evel Cirk and many others have been able to present their creations.
Psicosis de les 4.48


We maintain the sustained growth figures (1 to 25 February)

We hold the sixth event with 64 performances, 22 of which correspond to the 3 Catalan productions we present at Temporada Alta Latin America: Psicosis de les 4.48 by Sarah Kane, a hard-hitting text about suicide performed by Anna Alarcón, the winner of the 2016 BBVA Theatre Award. Indomador by the contemporary circus company Animal Religion, a dialogue between Quim Girón and human animality. And Pluja, the musical and poetic spectacle by Guillem Albà and Clara Peya.
The sixth Transatlantic Dramaturgy Tournament brings together the winner and runner-up of the Catalan competition (Laia Alsina and Xisco Rosselló) and two Argentine authors chosen by the Chair of Dramaturgy at the University in the Argentine capital. With the participation of proposals from Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Israel, France, Argentina and Brazil, we achieve the figure of 7,711 spectators (1,300 more than the previous year) and we maintain the positive evolution in terms of the number of spectators and their loyalty.



We establish ourselves as a summer festival in Latin America (5 to 22 February)

17 shows (including three Catalan and Balearic productions of text theatre and contemporary creation), 74 performances, a fifth Transatlantic Dramaturgy Tournament and a comprehensive programme of talks and parallel activities. We establish Temporada Alta Latin America as a summer festival in Argentina, Uruguay and Peru.
In this, the fifth year, we visit the other side of the Atlantic with three monologues that are outstanding in terms of their literary quality and the themes they cover: La História del Sr. Sommer by Pep Tosar, Acorar by Toni Gomila and La noche justo antes de los bosques by Òscar Muñoz. The Catalan and Balearic programming is complemented by proposals from 6 countries: Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, France and Argentina. After three weeks of performances we are visited by more than 6,300 spectators. Over the last 5 years, 28 Catalan and Balearic shows have been seen in different Latin American settings, attracting around 19,000 spectators.

El vacío del otro


Our expansion continues (29 January to 18 February)

For the fourth Temporada Alta Latin America we incorporate the theatre of the Alliance Francaise in Lima as the third sub-venue. Ivan Benet, Baro d’Evel and David Espinosa are the Catalan artists invited to an event which, for the first time, complements the Catalan programming with proposals from other countries: Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Argentina. The other new feature is The One Project, the project unifying cinema and drama premièred at the Arts Santa Mònica and Temporada Alta. The Transatlantic Dramaturgy Tournament is held for the fourth time and Temporada Alta Latin America puts on 51 performances accompanied by talks, workshops and other parallel activities.
We continue to break records this year. We are visited by around 4,500 spectators, the parallel activities attract more than 800 participants and we establish ourselves as a meeting point for Catalan and Latin American drama. This is made possible by the Ramon Llull Institute, Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), the AECID and the Network of Spanish Cultural Centres (Cooperación Española), as well as the different theatres which host us in Argentina, Peru and Uruguay.

Constructivo © Carla Subirana


We increase the number of Latin American venues (27 January to 11 February)

In 2015 we increase the offer, due to the large audiences and favourable reviews in previous years. We schedule almost twice the number of performances and extend the length of the cycle. The other new feature is the scheduling of shows in Montevideo, with performances at two of the main venues in the city, the Solis Theatre and the Verdi Hall. The Temporada Alta Buenos Aires programme retains the Timbre 4 Hall location. The goal is to turn the Autumn Festival of Catalonia into a platform for the internationalisation of Catalan dramaturgy. An initiative which receives the support of the Ramon Llull Institute and the Acción Cultural Española programme.
Apart from another Transatlantic Dramaturgy Tournament, bringing together Catalan, Argentine and Peruvian playwrights, four shows can be seen over almost three weeks: Non Solum by Sergi López, Con la claridad aumenta el frío by Pep Tosar, La cabeza en las nubes by Xavier Bobés and Constructivo by Ernesto Collado and Piero Steiner.

30/40 Livingstone


The second Temporada Alta in Buenos Aires (2 to 9 February)

We hold the second Temporada Alta Buenos Aires, with an excellent response from the critics and general public. We maintain the Timbre 4 Hall venue and schedule 14 performances. Practically 100% of the tickets are sold. 30/40 Livingstone by Sergi López and Jordi Picó and Sé de un lugar by Iván Morales – Prisamata have to put on extra performances as the tickets sell out rapidly. In addition, the dual dance programme by Lali Ayguadé (Portland and Incógnito) also registers excellent ticket sales (80%). A further Dramaturgy Tournament is held and the classic Vinilo café in Buenos Aires is the venue for a concert by singer and pianist Maria Coma.
The success of the second Temporada Alta Buenos Aires consolidates our wish to introduce Catalan theatre productions to the Argentine public and our desire to become a platform for the internationalisation of Catalan dramaturgy and theatrical productions.

Striptease © Rafael Gavalle


We visit Buenos Aires for the first time (11 to 17 February)

We begin our relationship with Buenos Aires at the Timbre 4 Hall, under the direction of Claudio Tolcachir, with three Catalan productions, a version of the Dramaturgy Tournament and a workshop conducted by Xavier Bobés. With this initiative we endorse our aim to work together on the internationalisation of the Catalan scene.
Temporada Alta Buenos Aires enjoys the support of the Ramon Llull Institute and puts on three shows: Insomni by Xavier Bobés, Non Solum by Sergi López and Jorge Picó and Striptease by Pere Faura. The Catalan week is completed with a version of the Dramaturgy Tournament organised during the Festival which, in this case, brings together David Plana and Jordi Galceran, the winning authors of the two Catalan tournaments, and two Argentine playwrights, Diego Faturos and Francisco Lumerman