XIII Torneig de Dramatúrgia

Several authors

The most expected theatrical battle of Temporada Alta

The most eagerly awaited confrontation of Temporada Alta is back. The battle of words between Catalan-language playwrights reaches its twelfth edition with enviable health and projection. The tournament has multiplied since its first edition -with Jordi Galceran’s El crèdit as the winner- all over the world and has gone beyond the original Catalan-speaking territories to settle in Madrid and Buenos Aires. There, too, the public has the last word. An expansion that now also allows cross-fights between winners.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Authors: Lali Álvarez, Sergio Baos, Frank Bayer, Pau Coya (guanyador Balears), Aleix Fauró, Isis Martín, Gemma Rodríguez i Amparo Vayà (guanyadora València)

Production: Temporada Alta

Veure més
Price: Tickets on sale September 2023