La pell fina (Bescanó)

Carmen Marfà - Yago Alonso
  • 2023

Una divertida comèdia sobre la sinceritat, l’amistat, l’ofensa i les regles socials

Una divertida comèdia sobre la sinceritat, l’amistat, l’ofensa i les regles socials

  • Paternity

Is honesty overrated? This is the question that Carmen Marfà and Yago Alonso ask themselves through humour in this hilarious play about coexistence. A comedy about offence as well as friendship.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Author and director: Carmen Marfà and Yago Alonso

Cast: Francesc Ferrer, Laura Porta, Laura Pau and Pau Vinyals

Scenography: Elisenda Pérez

Costume: Nídia Tusal

Student in costume: Èlia Domínguez

Lighting and sound design: Xavi Gardés

Students in internships in council (ITES): Núria Vega, Àlex Rodríguez and Paula Vicario

Image and video of the show: Juanjo Marin

Communication and social networks: Elisenda Riera Rovira

Press: Clara Cols Torras

Graphic design: Laia Alsina

Head of theater and technical role: Xavi Gardés

Technical head of the tour: Fernando Portillo

Administration: Josep Maria Milla and Sergio Matamala

Distribution: Elisenda Riera Rovira

Executive production: Clara Cols Torras and Sergio Matamala

A production of: Flyhard Produccions S.L.

With the collaboration of: El Ramat Produccions

With the support of: ICUB – Institut de Cultura de Barcelona and ICEC – Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprises

With the collaboration of: Llibreria Montseny and Lluïsos de Gràcia

With the sponsorship of: Zen Barcelona Eyewear and KUMI sneakers

Thanks to: Clara Laguillo

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