XI Torneig de Dramatúrgia Catalana

Various authors
  • 2021

The audience once again has all the power to decide who is the best author of this classic theatrical combat

The Playwriting Tournament has already been held eleven times and is in full expansion with another four events in Catalan and Spanish. A contest in which the only judge is the audience.


18.10.21 – Oriol Morales vs. Bernat Molina
25.10.21 – Bárbara Mestanza vs. Albert Tola
08.11.21 – Aina Tur vs. Yago Alonso
15.11.21 – Begoña Tena vs. Carmen Marfà

22.11.21 – First semi-final: Bernat Molina vs. Yago Alonso
29.11.21 – Second semi-final: Bàrbara Mestanza vs. Carmen Marfà
13.12.21 – Grand final: Bernat Molina vs. Bàrbara Mestanza

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Host: Meritxell Yanes
  • Authors: Yago Alonso, Carmen Marfà, Bàrbara Mestanza, Bernat Molina, Oriol Morales i Pujolar, Begoña Tena, Albert Tola and Aina Tur
  • Production: Temporada Alta
  • With
Veure més
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Duration: 2 h


18 October, 20:0025 October, 20:008 November, 20:0015 November, 20:0022 November, 20:0029 November, 20:0013 December, 20:00
També en directe dins la programació A distància
Price: 3 €

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