Una noche sin luna

Juan Diego Botto
  • 2022

Juan Diego Botto won the 2021 National Theater Award for this intimate piece that brings us closer to Lorca's sensibility

With irony, emotion and humour, Juan Diego Botto, writer and performer of the piece, embodies a small part of Lorca to explain those lesser-known aspects of his life and work. A show for which he won the National Theatre Award and the Max Award for Best Show of 2021.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Authorship: Juan Diego Botto

Direction: Sergio Peris-Mencheta

Actor: Juan Diego Botto

Scenic space: Allen Wilmer

Costumes: Elda Noriega

Lightning: Valentín Álvarez

Original music and sound: Alejandro Pelayo

Production: La Rota Producciones, Barco Pirata Producciones and Concha Busto Producciones

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20 October, 20:00
Duration: 1 h
Show in Spanish
Price: 28, 18 and €10


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