La casa sin Bernarda

Federico García Lorca – Paula Errando
  • 2022

A contemporary Lorca who ironically gives the floor only to the young Alba sisters

What would happen if only the Alba sisters remained in Bernarda’s house? This is the dramatic game proposed by the young company Entrance to reread Federico García Lorca’s classic from a contemporary, ironic and libertarian perspective.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Author: Federico García Lorca

Adaptation and direction: Paula Errando

Performers: Júlia Barceló, Judit Cortina, Mariona Ibáñez, Alba Sáez and Paula Jornet

Scenic space: Paula González

Costumes: Carmen Errando i Vera Moles

Lighting: Lola Errando

Sound space: Borja Ruiz

Movement: Ester Guntín

Digger: Marina Herlop

Production: Entrance

Veure més
5 December, 20:00
Duration: 1 h 10 min
Show in Spanish
Price: €10


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