Confessions de Sant Agustí

Joan Carreras
  • 2022

Reading of an essential text of Christianity in the Cathedral of Girona

The actor Joan Carreras ‒ recent Max Award winner ‒ brings to life the voice of St. Augustine of Hippo, the African sage who 1,600 years ago wrote his Confessions, a philosophical text essential to the idea of transcendence. A reading in the impressive setting of the interior of Girona Cathedral

Artistic team

Artistic team

Author: Agustí d’Hipona

Traduction: Miquel Dolç

Adaptation: Raül Garrigassait

Accompaniment: Sira Abenoza

Performer: Joan Carreras

Organista: Pau Riuró

Production: Festival Clàssics and Temporada Alta

Reading in memory of Modest Prats

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21 October, 20:00New functions:23 October, 19:00
Duration: 1 h
Price: €6

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