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Stephen Sondheim - Mario Gas
  • 2022

No one better than Mario Gas, the director of Sweeney Todd, to invite us to a party to remember and celebrate the great genius of the American musical of the second half of the 20th century

In recent months the world has been filled with tributes to Stephen Sondheim. Here there is no one better to pay homage to him than Mario Gas, director of shows as memorable for his fans as Sweeney Todd or Follies.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Author: Stephen Sondheim

Music and lyrics: Stephen Sondheim

Direction: Mario Gas

Musical direction: Pep Pladellorens

Cast: Muntsa Rius, Vicky Peña, Teresa Vallicrosa, Jordi Boixaderas, Pedro Pomares, Josep Ruiz, Xavi Fernández, Pep Molina, Xavier Ribera-Vall, Meritxell Coma, Joana Estebanell, Mar Maestu, María José Peris, Kirby Navarro, Teresa de la Torre, Marta Fiol, Ingrid Morral, Dagmar Lüderitz, Enric Arguimbau, Abel Garcia

Musicians: Clara Canimas (bassoon), Marc Clos (percussion), Jaume Cortadellas (flute), Josep Gomariz (trumpet), Ernest Manchón (keyboards), Jesús Martínez (horn), Ferran Oltra (clarinet), Pep Pladellorens (piano), Guillermo Prats (double bass), Edurne Vila (violin), Esther Vila (cello)

General production: Rafael Moll

Production assistant: Albert de la Torre

Executive production: Amici Miei Productions

A production of

Acknowledgments: Centro de Documentación Teatral, Concha Barral, Roger Peña, Montse Tixé and Rita Molina

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9 December, 20:0010 December, 20:00
Duration: 2 h 15 min (approx.) with intermission
Show in Catalan, Spanish and English
Price: 36, 25 and €10


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