Vuelta a Uno

Rocío Molina
  • 2022

Rocío Molino completes the Trilogy on the guitar with a pure and cathartic dance show

Accompanied only by Yerai Cortés on guitar, the Malaga-born artist closes her trilogy dedicated to strings and dance with a reunion with life, euphoria and joy.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Authorship: Rocío Molina

Direction, choreography and interpretation: Rocío Molina

Musical composition and performer: Yerai Cortés

Scenic space: Antonio Serrano, Julia Valencia and Rocío Molina

Costumes: Julia Valencia

Lightning: Antonio Serrano

Art direction: Julia Valencia

Sound space: Javier Álvarez

Production: El Mandaito Producciones, SL

Co-production: Danza Molina, SL and Teatro Español

Veure més


Inicio (Uno) (TA21), Al fondo riela (Lo otro de Uno) (TA20), Impulso (TA17), Caída del cielo (TA16), Afectos (TA15)

+ Info

Premiere in Catalonia

6 November, 18:00
Duration: 1 h 25 min
Show in Spanish, almost without text
Price: €28


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