Andrea Díaz Reboredo
  • 2021

A poetic confrontation made of gestures, silence and objects to talk about the changes born of the pandemic

Trained in the visual arts, Reboredo once again invades the stage with a large table as a creative and poetic space to put the artistic conversation between two artists before us through their bodies, everyday objects, plants and animals.

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Authory: Miriam Garlo i Andrea Díaz Reboredo
  • Direction: Andrea Díaz Reboredo
  • Performer 1: Miriam Garlo
  • Performer 2: Andrea Díaz Reboredo or Paula Cueto
  • External view: Xavier Bobés Solà
  • Lighting: Miguel Ruz and Andrea Díaz Reboredo
  • Sound space: Dani León i Manuel de Pablos
  • Construction assistant: Marc Selles Argos 
  • Movement assistant: Alba González Herrera
  • Costume: CajaNegra TAM
  • Object design and construction: Pablo Reboredo and Andrea Díaz Reboredo
  • Coproduction: Centro Conde Duque de Madrid and Temporada Alta
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Duration: 1 h

Premiere in Catalonia

Show for all audiences

From 11 years old

Show in Spanish and LSE (Spanish Sign Language)

14 November, 18:00
Price: 28 € / 18 €


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