A pie

José Antonio Portillo

The scenic artist José Antonio Portillo and the musician Enric Monfort come together again in a multidisciplinary installation, after their "Biblioteca de sons i sorolls"

A pie is an installation that plays with all the arts and with the child inside us. An encounter with our chaos portrayed as a big brain of drawers that we arrange ourselves and, when opened, can do anything.

Duration: 15 min

Premiere in Catalonia

Show for all audiences

Show in Spanish, Catalan or English depending on the show. Select the language when you buy your ticket.

Artistic team

  • Authory, direction and dramaturgy: José Antonio Portillo
  • Sound creation and music: Enric Monfort
  • Voices: Pau Pons and Jesús Muñoz
  • Scenic space: José Antonio Portillo
  • Structure and mechatronics: Xavi García
  • Drawing and image: Carmen Puchol
  • Lighting: Rodrigo Ortega
  • Sound artefacts: Enric Monfort, Nick Burge and José Antonio Portillo
  • Digital tools: Jofre Aparici
  • Intercultural mediation: Raúl Riebenbauer
  • Sound solutions: Juanma Tuixans
  • Artistic advice: María Isabel Tejeda
  • Production: Temporada Alta, EACC Castelló and Diputació de Castelló

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17 November, 18:0017 November, 19:0017 November, 20:0018 November, 18:0018 November, 19:0018 November, 20:0019 November, 16:0019 November, 17:0019 November, 18:0019 November, 19:0019 November, 20:0020 November, 10:0020 November, 11:0020 November, 12:0020 November, 13:0020 November, 16:0020 November, 17:0020 November, 18:0020 November, 19:0020 November, 20:0021 November, 10:0021 November, 11:0021 November, 12:0021 November, 13:0024 November, 18:0024 November, 19:0024 November, 20:0025 November, 18:0025 November, 19:0025 November, 20:0026 November, 18:0026 November, 19:0026 November, 20:0027 November, 16:0027 November, 17:0027 November, 18:0027 November, 19:0027 November, 20:0028 November, 10:0028 November, 11:0028 November, 12:0028 November, 13:00
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