M.A.R. Un discurso plástico a través del espacio

Andrea Díaz Reboredo
  • 2021

A game of small gestures and everyday objects to return to childhood, the table and the home

M.A.R. has continued to receive awards since its presentation in 2019. Theatre of objects to share the sensations created by the domestic space, with its epicentre at the family dining table. A return to the beginning, to childhood.

Duration: 1 h

Show in Spanish (16:00 show in English)

Artistic team

  • Authory: Andrea Díaz Reboredo
  • Direction and performance: Andrea Díaz Reboredo
  • External view: Xavier Bobés Solà
  • Object construction: Pablo Reboredo and Andrea Díaz Reboredo
  • Music: Dani León
  • Fish Puppet maker: Lux Grajo
  • English Translation: Lux Grajo
  • Production: Compañía Andrea Díaz Reboredo
  • www.andreadiazreboredo.com

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