Piel de Lava
  • 2022

The Argentine company Piel de Lava explores the construction of the gender and stereotypes in its fifth show

Four isolated men in an oil field in Patagonia. This is the rough landscape that the Argentinean company Piel de Lava presents to humorously question the construction of gender. What is it to be a man? How do four actresses represent masculinity?


Artistic team

Artistic team

Dramaturgy and direction: Piel de Lava and Laura Fernández

Performers: Elisa Carricajo, Valeria Correa, Pilar Gamboa and Laura Paredes

Scenic space: Rodrigo González Garillo

Costumes: Gabriela A. Fernández

Lightning: Matías Sendón and Adrián Grimozzi

Music and sound space: Zypce

Production: Piel de Lava

European tour co-production: Festival de Otoño, Teatro Lope de Vega de Sevilla, Festival de Teatro Iberoamericano de Cádiz and Temporada Alta

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Premiere in Catalonia

Iberoamerica connection


4 November, 20:00New functions:5 November, 18:00
Duration: 1 h 40 min
Show in Spanish
Price: €30 and €20


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