Los perros

Led Silhouette - Marcos Morau
  • 2022

A dance show in which the body and movement are used like dog bites: a state of resistance

Two dancers moving and using their bodies like dogs to bark at a convulsive and constantly changing present. Dance, even trance if necessary, to resist and rebel against everything through love.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Project direction: Led Silhouette

Idea and artistic direction: Marcos Morau

Choreography: Marcos Morau, in collaboration with the performers

Performers: Jon López i Martxel Rodríguez

Texts: Carmina S. Belda

Scenic space: David Pascual

Costumes: Iñaki Cobos

Lighting: Andoni Mendizabal

Audiovisuals and council: Iñaki Iriarte

Sound space and music: Juan Cristóbal Saavedra

Video: Marina Rodríguez

Voice over: Oier Zuñiga

Production: Led Silhouette


Veure més


Opening Night (TA22), Sonoma (TA21), Equal Elevations (TA16), Rússia (TA14), Portland (TA13)

18 November, 20:00
Duration: 50 min
Show In Basque both surtitles in Spanish and English
Price: 28 and €18


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