Els subornats

La Ruta 40 - Lluïsa Cunillé - Lurdes Barba
  • 2020

Lluïsa Cunillé’s new play, imbued with an air of film noir, features four characters taking refuge in a run-down cinema

Once again La Ruta 40 is bursting with talent for its new project: a play by Lluïsa Cunillé specifically written for the company’s actors and the actress Àurea Márquez. Els subornats, directed by Lurdes Barba, allows us to enter Cunillé’s personal universe again, this time focusing on four characters hiding – or perhaps taking refuge – in the projection box of a run-down cinema about to close its doors forever. With a film noir tone and a plot seemingly about corruption, the play tells us about irretrievable worlds and the decisions that endanger our well-being. 

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Authory: Lluïsa Cunillé
  • Direction: Lurdes Barba
  • Performers: Alberto Díaz, Àurea Márquez, Albert Prat and Sergi Torrecilla
  • Scenic space: Laura Clos “Closca”
  • Costume: Nídia Tusal
  • Lighting: August Viladomat
  • Sound space: Clara Aguilar
  • Executive production: Maria G. Rovelló 
  • Production: La Ruta 40, Sala Beckett and Temporada Alta 2020   
  • www.laruta40.net
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Duration: 75 min (aprox.)


10 October, 20:30
Price: 24€ / 14€

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