Xavier Bobés
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Xavier Bobés encourages us to discover our body through his personal poetic language

An encounter between a piece of sculpture, a manipulator of objects and a musician to pay homage to the body, Corpus is a production that explores the movement of a sculptural object in relation to the human body, animal and vegetable. Through poetry, plasticity and movement, Bobés expresses that unique bond we all have with our “object body”. A theatrical homage and gift to that house we live in from birth to death, and that both deteriorates and corrupts while remaining impervious to the adversities of the years. 

Duration: 50 min

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Artistic team

  • Authorship and direction: Xavier Bobés
  • Performer: Xavier Bobés
  • Scenic space: Pep Aymerich
  • Costume: CarmePuigdevalliPlantéS
  • Lighting: CUBE
  • Music: Caprittis de E.F. DallAbaco, pieces from O. Gibbons and Frances Bartlett
  • Coproduction: LAuditori de Barcelona and Los Teatros del Canal de Madrid
  • With the collaboration of: L’animal a lesquena and Azala

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Parallel activities

Exhibition: El temps perdut

From 26 September to 26 November

La Volta de Sant Narcís



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12 de December, 17:0013 de December, 12:0013 de December, 16:00
WARNING: Show rescheduled for 12th and 13th December due to Covid-19 regulations
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