Antigone in Molenbeek + Tiresias

Guy Cassiers - Toneelhuis

The great Belgian director Guy Cassiers turns two classic myths into contemporary personalities who fight against sexual, social and political prejudices

Guy Cassiers, one of the most outstanding Belgian creators, rewrites two classical myths with contemporary language and contextualised in an urban setting: a Muslim Antigone from Molenbeek (Brussels) who wants to bury her brother, an ISIS suicide bomber, and Tiresias, a character who shifts from man to woman and from woman to blind prophet.

Duration: 2 h 45 min (30-minute intermission included)

State: Belgium

Show in Dutch with Catalan surtitles

Artistic team

  • Direction: Guy Cassiers
  • Texts: Stefan Hertmans (Antigone in Molenbeek) and Kae Tempest (Tiresias)
  • Performers: Ikram Aoulad (Antigone) and Katelijne Damen (Tiresias)
  • Scenic space and video: Charlotte Bouckaert
  • Music (Antigone in Molenbeek): Danel Quartet
  • Production: Toneelhuis
  • Coproduction: Danel Quartet
  • With the support of Tax Shelter Maatregel V/D Belgische Federale Overheid and Casa Kafka Pictures Tax Shelter, enabled by Belfius

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9 October, 18:00
Price: 36 € / 25 € / 10 €
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