53 diumenges

Cesc Gay - Pere Arquillué
  • 2020

The creator of the undisputed success 'Els veïns de dalt' returns with a new comedy about three brothers with a stormy but unbreakable relationship

After an award-winning career as a film director and screenwriter, Cesc Gay decided to try his luck in theatre and was an immediate success. Els veïns de dalt was a hit, both the Catalan version (seen by over 90,000 people) and the Spanish (over 150,000). Now he returns, with his trusted team, with a new comedy. 53 Diumenges focuses on the relationship between three brothers. If all three are at a family get together there is every chance that the evening will turn into a time bomb that can explode for the most insignificant of reasons. All it takes is a seemingly harmless comment to cause a spark.  

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Authory and direction: Cesc Gay
  • Performers: Pere Arquillué, Marta Marco, Àgata Roca i Lluís Villanueva
  • Scenic space: Alejandro Andújar
  • Costume: Anna Güell
  • Lighting: Carlos Lucena
  • Sound space: Carles Puntí
  • Production: Misògines, Elefant, Mola and Teatre Romea
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Duration: 1 h 30 min


28 November, 20:00New functions:29 November, 18:00
WARNING: Due to COVID regulations, some of the performances of this show have been rescheduled. The new times are: Thursday 26 and Friday 27 at 7.30pm and Saturday 28 at 8pm.
Price: 36€ / 25€ / 10€

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