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Sale of tickets and discounts

How can I buy tickets?

The Festival’s general ticket sales begin on 5th of September, with different opening hours and throug different channels. Purchase in the way best suited to your needs 

VIP Tickets

. VIP packages, for members of El Club de La Ciutat Invisible and the Club de Mecenatge (Patronage Club) only, will go on sale on 4th of September.
. Tickets may be purchased HERE  from 10 a.m. on 5th of September, or by phone (972 402 004) from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m.

Standard Tickets

. Standard tickets for the general public will go on sale on 5th of September 2018.
. On the first day that the tickets go on sale, the ticket offices at the Teatre Municipal de Girona (Saló de descans) and the Teatre de Salt will be open all day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tickets may also be purchased via the Temporada Alta website from 9 a.m.

. From 6th of September tickets may be purchased on the Temporada Alta website or in person at the box offices of the Teatre Municipal de Girona (Tuesday to Friday, from 1 to 5 p.m.), the Auditori de Girona (Tuesday to Friday, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and the Teatre de Salt (Thursday and Friday, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.).
. If you would like to check out the official channels for sales of Temporada Alta tickets, click here.

* We will not be held responsible for price increases that some ticket sales platforms may apply or for other issues arising from tickets purchased via unofficial sales channels.


On the day of the event

. The ticket offices at the venues where the productions take place will open an hour before the event, if there are any tickets available.
. Tickets may also be purchased on the Temporada Alta website up to the last moment, if any are available

Multishow packages

Package 6

. A 20% discount is available for ticket purchases for 6 to 9 different productions.
. During the purchasing process you may purchase an unlimited number of packages.

Package 10

. A 25% discount is available for ticket purchases for 10 or more different productions.. During the purchasing process you may purchase an unlimited number of packages.


. 20% discount for members of El Club de la Ciutat Invisible and people unemployed.
. 15% discount for senior citizens, over 65 years of age, large families (with more than 3 children) and single parents, TR3SC, GEIEG and UdG-Jove.
. 15% discount, up to the start of Temporada Alta (5 October), with library or Girona Cultura cards.
. 15% discount on family productions for members of La Colla d’El Club.
. Family pass: special discount for family groups of 4 people (children from 0 to 12 years and adults), available for the productions: El petit príncep, Que bèstia! and Soñando el carnaval de los animales (go to the production information sheet to check discount prices).
. Specific discounts for young people / Artèria. You can check them by clicking here.

Additional information

. The concerts Manel and Amaia, the IX Torneig de Dramatúrgia and film programming can not be chosen to set up show packages.
. All discounts must be accredited with the corresponding documentation. Inspection take place on entry to the venue.
. Discounts are not accumulative.
. Discounts are available for all productions, except the family programme, the IX Torneig de Dramatúrgia Catalana, the concerts of Manel and Amaia and Llibràlegs IV
. For family programme productions, discounts will only be available for members of El Club de La Ciutat Invisible (20%) and La Colla d’El Club (15%).  
. To enjoy the discount, members of Club Vanguardia must buy the tickets through the channel of La Vanguardia.
. If you are a group, please contact us at taquilla@bito.pro   
. Please check the purchasing terms and conditions

I haven’t got a ticket

. Keep checking for availability right up to the day of the event because seats are often released at the last minute.

. Sign up for the “I’d like to go” service, a system of ticket availability notification. By clicking on this tab (which appears automatically on the website for all productions for which tickets have sold out) you will be signing up for the alerts service and we will notify you if a new session is made available or if more seats go on sale.

. On the website there is also a calculator which indicates the number of tickets available for productions. If you notice that there are not many seats left, buy your tickets immediately. Do not miss out on the chance!


Terms and Conditions

. The organisers do not guarantee the authenticity of tickets if they have not been purchased through an official outlet. The organisers may confiscate any damaged or counterfeit tickets.
. The return or exchange of tickets is not permitted, except in case of cancellation of the production.
. For tickets purchased at a discount, the corresponding accreditation will be required to enter the venue.
. Tickets must be kept until leaving the venue.
. The organisers reserve the right to modify any production schedule, and the location of specific seats, for technical reasons.
. Seat visibility (indicated on purchase of tickets) is approximate and may vary according to the production.
. The organisation reserves the right to change or modify any production schedule.
. Once the production has started entering the venue is prohibited until the interval, should there be one.
. Taking photographs, filming or recording any production, without the express authorisation of the organisers, is prohibited.
. The use of mobile devices during the event is completely prohibited.
. Entry is prohibited to children under 3 years, except for family productions and those suitable for all audiences.
. Taking food, drink or any object that the organisation considers to be dangerous into the venue is prohibited.
. All image and intellectual property rights derived from productions are reserved.