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Industry professionals

Programmer Week

Programmer Week takes place when the Festival is in full swing. It is a week which brings together dramatic creativity and an influx of industry professionals. We are usually visited by about a hundred professionals from all over the world with a wide range from professional backgrounds (play writers, actors, programmers, directors, producers, translators, set designers…).
This is an excellent demonstration of Temporada Alta’s high level of internationalisation. We encourage the presence of professionals and international stakeholders to publicise the dramatic reality of our hinterland and generate future international collaborations.
During Programmer Week we offer the public and professionals a selection of artists and companies from outside Catalonia, but the majority of the programming is always made up of artists from within the country.
We present a repertoire of productions by Catalan companies to programmers from all over the world to create networks and facilitate their projection and consolidation on the international market. We aim to promote the exchange of projects, the production and circulation of productions, and complicity between institutions, artists and international professionals.


Pyrenart is part of the regional European Union cooperation project Interreg / POCTEFA, an initiative that works to forge alliances and strengthen the economic potential of the performing arts sector on both sides of the Pyrenees.
The project has two basic lines of work: the training of cultural stakeholders, and the generation of structures for the creation, exhibition and dissemination of artistic projects. The main aims are to promote international co-productions, train cultural stakeholders and consolidate a circuit for the dissemination of productions.
Pyrenart encompasses the creation of areas for meetings between programmers and artists, a conjuncture that will certainly make Programmers Week a strategic event within the structure of this new cross-sector project.
With the participation in Pyrenart, we are committed to international co-production, dissemination of productions, creation of employment and professional mobility for performing arts professionals.

Uncanny Valley © Rimini ProtokollTemporada Alta on tour

As a driving force for creativity, every year we are involved in twenty national and international productions and co-productions, and we also support collaborations between national and international artists and companies. As a result of this vocation, we have consolidated ourselves as one of the main centres of support for creativity in the country. On the Temporada Alta website you can follow up on the productions we have produced or co-produced: post-Festival events, performance schedule, additional information…

Quim Masó Prize

The Quim Masó Prize for theatrical production projects was founded in 2006 as an award in memory of the actor, director and theater producer Quim Masó, one of the founders of the company El Talleret de Salt, Grup Proscenium, the bookshop Llibreria 22 and Bitò. Once every year, this prize wants to launch the production and exhibition of theatrical productions written in Catalan that combine professionalism, quality and creativity. The award is organized by Fundació La Ciutat Invisible and the Organizing Committee of the Quim Mazó Prize, and all the rules, deadlines and prizes are available in the following link. 


The Temporada Alta press department always looks out for the interests of journalists and quality of information. During the Festival we invite specialist journalists to the Programmer Week and we offer graphic passes through the media. We also have press rooms and areas set up for recording and working in comfort. Apart from that, we offer you a press service with contact persons and a section on the Temporada Alta website for press releases, general articles, graphic material, computer graphics and other information sources.


We reserve an area for those activities related to dramatic texts and their translation: workshops, talks, meetings… We aim to put the world of the performing arts and translation professionals in contact with each other, to play a role in dynamising fruitful relationships between these two sectors.


A total audience of 61,605 people with 89.21% occupancy at the performances

The 28th edition of the festival has come to an end; which offered 95 proposals, with a positive result both in terms of audience numbers as well as occupancy rates. Temporada Alta has reaffirmed itself as one of the great exhibitors of the performing arts world both at home and abroad. For years we have

Do you like ground-breaking proposals? Sacseja’t (Shake it up) with Temporada Alta

From the 21st to 24th November, Temporada Alta has programmed 10 contemporary creation performances, entitled Sacseja’t. The proposal coincides with the Programmers’ Week, one of the Festival’s initiatives which brings together national and international performing arts professionals in Girona. With the programming of Sacseja’t, Temporada Alta will become the epicentre of the great exponents of contemporary creation: cabosanroque will debut with Dimonis, Shaday

El Festival Temporada Alta inaugura amb Shakespeare

Temporada Alta obre portes amb dues peces del dramaturg anglès més aclamat. La Royal Shakespeare Company torna amb una de les peces més fosques de Shakespeare i, alhora, una de les més actuals: Mesura per mesura. L’obra, una contundent crítica als governants, explica la història del lloctinent Angelo, que, decidit a perseguir el fornici, condemna a mort un jove cavaller