Alta Temporada all year round!

Although the Festival programme runs from October to December, our project remains alive throughout the year. One of Temporada Alta’s main aims is the international projection and production of our shows. The main events taking place between January to September follow these criteria:

  • Temporada Alta Latin AmericaThis festival is held on the other side of the Atlantic in Buenos Aires, Lima and Montevideo, with the prime objectives of opening up channels to showcase Catalan companies and give publicity to our country’s scenic arts. As a result of this interest in internationalization the Catalan scene, we have exported our Festival to the stages of Argentina, Peru and Uruguay. For six years, over three weeks in February, we have staged well over a hundred performances and have presented the creations of artists including Sergi López, Iván Morales, Xavier Bobés, Lali Ayguadé, Pere Faura, Baro d’Evel and many more. The coming edition will be presented in January.
  • Temporada Alta on tour: Also with the aim of promoting Catalan productions and showcasing performances, Temporada Alta co-produces more than 20 events per edition and guarantees the tour’s continued existence. During the 2018 edition some of the most outstanding productions were: Macho Man by Àlex Rigola, Uncanny Valley by Rimini Protokol, La néta del senyor Linh directed by Guy Cassiers and performed by Lluís Homar, Kassandra with Elisabet Casanovas, L’omissió de la Família Coleman by Claudio Tolcachir with Catalan actors and Here by Lali Ayguadé and Guilhem Chatir.
  • Pyrenart: We participate in European cooperation programmes, and for four years we have formed part of Pyrenart. This is a POCTEFA project by the European Union, which aims to foster artistic relations between the two sides of the Pyrenees. In this case, Temporada Alta works together with eight Spanish and French partners to create alliances and promote artistic exchange. Over the coming months the projects and shows linked to this international programme will be announced to the public.
  • A Tempo – arts and training: within the framework of Temporada Alta, La Ciutat Invisible Foundation organizes a range of artistic events with the aim of binging Girona and Salt’s primary and secondary school students in contact with the scenic arts. A Tempo is an ambitious educational project with the objective of promoting Arts-based education. Its activities will continue over the coming months.