Together to get there

Arika Yoshida - Lali Ayguadé

A new creation from the authors of the successful 'Gizaki'

Akira Yoshida and Lali Ayguadé present Together to get there, a work born after the successful collaboration of the two artists in the piece Gizaki. A meeting between two people, an embrace, the feeling of the other, communication without words, the feeling of time immersed in a world created between two are some of the ideas that surround this piece. A mutual support. A time that expands and stops as if it would ever end. A transformation, a change. Parts begin to fall, others to hold. That instant is forgotten and the differences come to light; the polar opposites, the fragility and the strength; the letting go and the desire for control. Balance and instability. True human nature.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Interpretation, artistic direction and choreography: Akira Yoshida and Lali Ayguadé

Musical composition: Donald Beteille

Lighting design: Conchita Pons and Fermin Izco

Costume design: Ferrán Casanovas

Artistic advisor: Jordi Oriol and Luís García (Fruta)

Production and distribution assistance: Fanny Cleyrat

Production: Temporada Alta

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Premiere in Catalunya

Price: Tickets on sale September 2023