Cirque Ici - Johann Le Guillerm
  • 2022

Poetically amazing circus solo

Poetically amazing circus solo

  • Discoveries
  • Poètic
  • Tent circus

Johann Le Guillerm, one of the great representatives of French conceptual circus, invites us to a laboratory of new and revolutionary phenomena inspired by a utopian world where poetry replaces technology.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Conception, staging and interpretation: Johann Le Guillerm

Creation and musical interpretation: Alexandre Piques

Light creation: Hervé Gary

Light manager: Lucien Yakoubsohn

Stage management: Anaëlle Husein Sharif Khalil, Julie Lesas, Paul-Emile Perreau in rotation with Franck Bonnot

General management: Alexandre Lafitte

Costume: Paul Andriamanana Rasoamiaramanana assisté de Mathilde Giraudeau

Constructors: Silvain Ohl i Jean-Marc Bernard

Construction assistant: Pauline Lamache


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Premiere in the Spanish State

17 November, 20:0018 November, 20:0019 November, 20:0020 November, 18:00
Show recommended from 7 years
Nearly textless show
Duration: 1 h 30 min
Price: €25


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