Daniel J. Meyer - Montse Rodríguez Clusella
  • 2022

The creators of A.K.A. they return with the experiences of a DJ. A woman who lives between the laws of the night and intimate desires, between the simulation of appearance and her own contradictions.

The same team that staged the award-winning A.K.A. now looks at the contradictions of a DJ’s life. A life between the harsh laws of the night and desire and the contradictory reality of her intimacy. Perhaps that dance music star conceals the soul of an indie composer.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Authorship: Daniel J. Meyer

Direction: Montse Rodríguez Clusella

Musical composition: Paula Jornet

Actress: Clara Mingueza

Scenic space: Anna Tantull

Costumes: Aka Teatro, SL

Lightning: Natàlia Ramos y Irene Ferrer

Sound space: Daniel J. Meyer

Choreography: Guille Vidal Ribas

Production: Aka Teatro

In collaboration with: Festival Grec de Barcelona 2022

Thanks to: La Brutal, Pol Pink DJ, Carles Rodríguez, Laura Domènech and Diana Roig


Text developed in the IX Theater Writing Laboratory SGAE Foundation 2021

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A.K.A. (Also Known As) (TA19)

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Show included in the Artèria Package 

25 November, 20:00
Duration: 1 h 15 min
Show in Catalan and Spanish
Price: €18


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🚨This show uses lights with a strobe effect🚨

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