Loco Amoris

Pablo Macho - Pau Roca
  • 2022

A couple explores the infinite forms of love as a result of their experience of a romantic long-distance relationship

Two performers bring to the stage the accumulation of the experiences, states of mind and reflections in their two year long-distance relationship and ask themselves the great question of life: what does it mean to love?

Artistic team

Artistic team

Author: Pablo Macho Otero

Direction: Pau Roca

Actors: Emma Arquillué and Pablo Macho Otero

Scenic space: Yaiza Ares

Lighting and sound space: Uriel Ireland

Movement: Alba Sàez

Assistant director: Clara Mata de la Barata

Production: Mola Produccions


In collaboration with:

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22 October, 20:00
Duration: 55 min
Show in Catalan
Price: €18


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