Les Luthiers

Gran Reserva
  • 2022

The famous group of Argentine musicians and comedians presents an anthology of their best numbers to celebrate more than 50 years of making the world laugh

Mentioning Les Luthiers immediately invites laughter. This is a show that brings together the best routines they have created in their more than 50 years of history. A celebration of intelligent humour and that unique combination of absurd and musical gags, both refined and quirky in equal measure.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Lyrics, music, arrangements and direction: Carlos Lopez Puccio, Carlos Nuñez Cortés, Jorge Maronna, Marcos Mundstock and Daniel Rabinovich

Cast: Jorge Maronna, Carlos López Puccio, Roberto Antier, Tomás Mayer-Wolf, Martín O’Connor and Horacio Tato Turano

Covers: Pablo Rabinovich and Santiago Otero Ramos

Founder: Gerardo Masana



Co-organized with Auditori de Girona   


*During the exhibition period, there may be changes in the cast, due to illness or personal or production reasons, in which case replacements will be made by the corresponding “covers”. The producer reserves the right to make these changes.

Veure més
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Premiere in Catalonia

Ibero-American connection  

11 October, 20:0012 October, 18:00
Duration: 1 h 50 min
Show in Spanish
You can also buy tickets on the Auditori de Girona website for the October 11 at 8 p.m.
Price: €60 and €40


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