Emmanuel Carrère - Julio Manrique
  • 2022

Julio Manrique directs one of Emmanuel Carrère’s most truculent and iconic texts

In The Adversary Emmanuel Carrère, Princess of Asturias Award winner 2021, approached a man who fabricated his biography until the lie could no longer be sustained and murdered his entire family. The stage adaptation is a dialogue between a writer and a murderer, with Pere Arquillué and Carles Martínez.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Author: Emmanuel Carrère

Direction: Julio Manrique

Adaptation: Marc Artigau, Cristina Genebat and Julio Manrique

Performers: Pere Arquillué and Carles Martínez

Scenography: Alejandro Andújar

Costume design: Maria Armengol

Sound: Damien Bazin

Lighting: Jaume Ventura

Video: Cisco Isern

Direction assessment: Xavi Ricart

Executive producer: Luz Ferrero

Production management: Josep Domènech

Producció: Temporada Alta 2022     

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7 October, 20:008 October, 20:00New functions:9 October, 18:00
Duration: 1 h 40 min (approx)
Show in Catalan
Price: €36, €25 and €10


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