FitzRoy (Girona)

Jordi Galceran - Sergi Belbel
  • 2023

Aterra el nou èxit del duo format per Jordi Galceran i Sergi Belbel

Aterra el nou èxit del duo format per Jordi Galceran i Sergi Belbel

  • mountaineering

Jordi Galceran and Sergi Belbel join forces again with Fitzroy after the success of El mètode Grönholm, El crèdit and Paraules encadenades. And they do so with a stellar cast: Sílvia Bel, Sara Espígul, Míriam Iscla and Mima Riera.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Author: Jordi Galceran

Direction: Sergi Belbel

Performers: Sílvia Bel, Sara Espígul, Míriam Iscla, Mima Riera

Voice over: Jordi Boixaderas

Stage space: Josep Iglesias and Max Glaenzel

Lighting design: Kiko Planas

Sound design: Jordi Bonet

Characterization and costume assistance: Núria Llunell

Management assistance: Estel Solé

Technical direction: Pere Capell

Council: Jana Morey

Sound technician: Efrén Bellostes

Lighting technician: Enric Alarcón

Machinery: Andreu Mateu

Photography: David Ruano

Graphic design: Basetis

Video: Plei

Construction of the scenography: Jorba-Miró

Transfer of scenographic material: Accialt

Production assistance in practice: Andrea Cuevas Garrido

Executive production: Macarena García

Thanks: Sergi Ricart, Piti Capella, David Arnau, Marc Queralt, Edgar Duch Miret, Oido


With the support of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya

With the collaboration of: Focus, Mola Produccions, Salewa

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9 November, 20:0010 November, 20:0011 November, 18:0011 November, 21:0012 November, 18:00
Duration: 1 h 30 min
Show in Catalan
This show is also performed in Torroella and Palafrugell
Price: €36 / €25 / €10


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